Alexandrite Jewelry & Earrings
Natural alexandrite gemstones set in solid 14k Gold & solid 18k gold jewelry designs with alexandrite stud earrings, alexandrite necklaces & pendants, and alexandrite rings. Available in both white gold & yellow gold. Set with a variety of natural alexandrite gem sizes & shapes including rounds, ovals, and pear shapes. Natural cats eye alexandrite earrings & pendants too!
Amethyst Jewelry
Natural amethyst gems in pure sterling silver jewelry designs & solid 14k Gold jewelry. Superior quality amethyst gemstones in assorted sizes & shapes, including very large amethyst gems weighing hundreds of carats each, were cut & polished from natural amethyst crystals mined in Brazil & Africa and set into natural amethyst jewelry pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets & amethyst rings.
Aquamarine Jewelry & Earrings
Natural aquamarine jewelry set in solid 14k Gold and in Pure Sterling Silver. Beautiful aquamarine earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces with a variety of fine aquamarine gemstone sizes & shapes including rounds, ovals, pear shapes, princess cuts, heart shapes, trillions & emerald cut aquamarine gems.
Citrine Jewelry
Beautiful citrine gems in pure sterling silver jewelry designs. Superior quality citrine gemstones were cut & polished from rough mined in Brazil into fine gems of assorted sizes & shapes including very large citrine gems weighing hundreds of carats each! These fine citrine gems were then made into beautiful citrine necklaces, citrine pendants, citrine bracelets & citrine rings.
Genuine Gemstone Jewelry & Earrings
Moldavite Jewelry
Genuine moldavite pieces found in the Czeck Republic near the Moldau River set in pure sterling silver jewelry items. These one-of-a-kind natural moldavite jewelry designs are handcrafted into unique moldavite necklaces, moldavite bracelets, moldavite rings & moldavite pendants.
Garnet Jewelry & Earrings
Natural garnet jewelry set in solid 14k Gold and in Pure Sterling Silver. All natural garnet varieties like tsavorite garnet jewelry, mandarin garnet jewelry, spessartite garnet jewelry, hessonite garnet jewelry, rhodolite garnet jewelry & red almandine garnet jewelry set in earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings and necklaces.
Smoky Quartz Jewelry
Natural Smoky Quartz Jewelry Designs in pure Sterling Silver. Genuine smoky quartz mined in Brazil and cut & polished into fine lsmoky quartzi gems & beads in a variety sizes & shapes including extra large size rounds, ovals, pear shapes, and rectangular cut smoky quartz gemstones.
Kunzite Jewelry
Beautiful Kunzite Jewelry items in solid 14k gold and in pure Sterling Silver. Natural kunzite mined in Brazil is cut & polished into fine kunzite gems and set into one-of-a-kind kunzite rings, pendants, and kunzite necklaces.
Lapis Lazuli Jewelry
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